Our services

1. The engineering and planning of different technological projects

WWMC Lda.&Com is engaged in the elaboration as well as in the realisation of technological projects and processes in different directions afterwards. These projects feature a wide offer of diversity and extend to a large number of industries. It ranges from the industry of mineral oil and natural gasoline, the petrochemistry to complexes based on agricultural technology.
In the framework of these projects we focus on:
  • the questions relating to exploration
  • the project data (the technological projection and the stage of construction) and the creation of project-documentary
  • the election of raw material, of interstage products and of auxiliary material
  • the elaboration of projects and processes for the production of the final product
  • the adjustment of application referred to the products and the creation of certificats
  • the election of technological equipment
  • the positioning of working plans, including plans for the strcuture of halls, buildings and productions
2. The delivery of industrial technologies and its equipment

Because of the connections to our partners all around the world, especially to producers of industrial equipment, WWMC Lda.&Com is able to afford the best support like:
  • being a partner with constant monitoring of the market space for industrial equipment in Europe and the USA
  • the election of rational technological processes, appropriate constructions, tools and machines for its clients
  • the composition of assignment of tasks for the producers of industrial equipments
  • the investigation and certification of industrial equipment, technological processes and of interstaged and final products
  • the delivery of equipment, machines and constructions to their clients
  • the accompaniment at performing the assembly and commissioning, training of the staff and inserting the technology
3. The professional consulting in the field of agricultural projects worldwide including the creation of studies

At the request of our clients we have the possibility to grant and to realize the following options:
  • the consultation in different directions
  • the complex ecological company at the environmental work
  • the determination of influential sources for the environment
  • the elaboration and determination of data and norms in zones of sanitation and protected areas as well as the allowed account of the storage of garbage
  • the effort in ecological engineering, the disposition of feasibility-studies for projects and the projection of documents for development
  • the realisation of ecological investigations with its documenation for technological projects
  • the clarification of investment studies in spaces of agriculture for different countries
  • the rating of investment possibilities in different countries
4. The trading with products and services

In addition to that we take care of the distribution and delivery of diverse products and components of the food industry.
High quality and clean products tend to take more area in the assortment of clients. Nowadays the consumer appreciate the quality and make demands on groceries. This implicates the increase of these requests day by day. In this day and age the need for a bigger election of these types of groceries dominates our society and constitutes its survivability.

In these areas we grant services and the selection of products with high quality from different countries for our clients.